Australian seaport depots to New Zealand seaport depots

Prices are plus $120 AUD per shipment Australian export document fees. Arrival port fees paid in New Zealand estimated $55 NZD for flat port arrival charge and $72.50 NZD a cubic meter for terminal handling charge.

Weekly shipping from: Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Usual transit once vessel has left Australian NZ port is 4-5 days. Every two week service from Fremantle/Perth with a two week vessel sailing time. Recovery time usually 3-5 days after containers has arrived container unpacking depot.

Price based on a minimum of 1 cubic meter. From 1 cubic meter an up in measurement charges will increase in .10 of a cubic meter and rounded up to the next tenth (1.46 of a cubic meter would be charged at 1.50 cubic meters)

Prices do not include: Arrival Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry fees, customs charges, customs fees, duties, quarantine or security inspection, insurance, fumigation, taxes, storage, delivery or port handling charges release fee. Pallet or stretch wrapping packaging fees. Air & Marine cargo insurance available. Customs Broker and delivery service available upon request. GST of 15% NZD (as of 1 October 2010) if applied to items by NZ Customs. CIT Customs Import Transaction Fee NZ $47.50 + GST additional on all imports.

Rates subject to currency exchange rates change. All shipments subject to volumetric chargeable weight. All prices in NZD.

Palletizing your shipment may add an additional .24 of a cubic meter measurement by the shipping line. Final measurement for pricing your shipment is determined by shipping line acceptance final weight and measurement by their export personnel.

8 tea chest sized boxes per cubic meter. Cargo insurance available. 4% of the value of the items with a $2,000 minimum insuarance at $80 NZD. $500 dollar excess applied for self packed items.

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NZ Baggage Shipping

NZ Baggage      Shipping

Weekly Australian shipping for excess baggage, luggage shipping, and moving, via ocean container to New Zealand

Trans Tasman Shipping Specialist Since 2005

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How to use our services for personal effects?

Please download the PDF form below which consists of our shipping forms and the NZ Customs import form.

Personal Effects Shipping and NZ Customs Form.              

To send your personal imports to New Zealand please forward to us these required forms:

• Our shipping form completed
• NZ Customs filled out
• Packing list detailed
• A clear copy of your passport photo page

After receiving these forms we will arrange for the depot in the Australia to contact you for terminal drop off locations, date and time arrangements with you. We recommend cargo insurance for all shipments.

All shipments subject to examination by the Australia Customs at time of export, the New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) at time of import.

NZ Baggage Shipping is a part of: NZ Baggage Movers an Auckland New Zealand based customs and shipping agent.

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8:30 AM to 5pm Monday Thru Friday NZT

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