NZ Baggage Shipping

NZ Baggage      Shipping

Weekly Australian shipping for excess baggage, luggage shipping, and moving, via ocean container to New Zealand

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Depot to Depot Air Freight Services

7 Day Security hold on all unknown shippers by air freight services from Australia. After booking with us we will supply booking reference number and terminal location for drop off.

Rates do not include: New Zealand 15% NZD Goods and Service Tax (GST) should duty charged. *Not usually charged on used personal effects but is subject to new items, gifts and final determination by NZ Custom. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) inspection charge for personal effects shipments may be applied to your shipment depending upon length of time MAF spends inspecting your shipment. Fumigation, professional cleaning, storage or insurance.
Shipment will be exported once full payment is received.

CIT NZ Customs Import Transaction Fee NZ $47.50 + GST additional on all imports.

At time of export your shipment is subject to re-weigh and volumetric charges per piece may apply. If after re measure and reweigh your shipment increases in shipping weight we will charge your credit card for the difference in your estimated weight and the final export chargeable weight. Shipment will be exported once full payment is received. . We ship suitcases, boxes, cartons crates and packages.

Calculate your dimensional weight using our calculators:

Volumetric weight calculation measured in centimeters of: Length times width, times height: divided by 5,000 will be used to determine chargeable weight for door to door courier shipping services.

Using centimeters and kilos

New Zealand Personal Effects Customs Form.

Baggage and personal imports to New Zealand please forward to Australia:

Our shipping form and New Zealand Customs filled out, packing list together with your passport photo page are required. All shipments subject to examination by Australia Customs at time of export and New Zealand Customs Service and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) at time of import. After receiving these forms we will arrange for the courier firm in the Australia to contact you for pickup data and time arrangements with you. We recommend cargo insurance for all shipments.

Rates subject to change without notice!

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Contact us for depot to depot rates from a variety of Australian airport depots.